mai-juin 2015

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Tech takes over : retail's phygital future (Issue 104)

mai-juin 2015

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We go from atelier to laboratory in search of what's bubbling on the fringes of the great indoors

The pick of the crop: a visual feast plucked from the worlds of art and design

Entrepreneur, humanist and sustainability advocate, Yves Behar believes design is about questioning the status quo in order to move into the future. Swedish practice Claesson Koivisto Rune identify the designer who's grabbed their attention and Lebanese designer Najla El Zein animates the ordinary from her studio in Beirut

In this issue's Frame Lab, tech takes over as retail becomes a hybrid experience with the integration of augmented reality and social media platforms. According to Japanese designer Nosigner, the borders of professional design are shifting to bring innovation to society

Is the outdoors the new indoors? Focused on space regardless of its boundaries, Petra Blaisse of interdisciplinary practice Inside Outside discusses her latest landscape projects

Instead of accepting society's habits involving food waste, Isaac Monte turns out-dated meat into sculpture. Dutch duo Alissa + Nienke's process of turning steel into a lightweight dividing panels is broken down

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