Sensing space-visual



1 vol. (160 p.)

ill. en noir et blanc

20 cm

Anglais; Allemand langue(s) de publication

ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-3-939633-95-2

Sensing space

technologien für Architekturen der Zukunft ; future architecture by technology

Heinrich, Nadin (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef); Eidner, Franziska (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef)


Note de contenu :
- Re-construction home, Alienation or Accomodation with Technology ?
- Fragmented Homen, "Intelligent" Home
- Remote Home
- Lonely Home
- Poetic Textiles
- Sensitive Surfaces
- Sound of Space
- Robots
- Shelter
- Technopoetry
- Public (Atmo)sphere
- Architectural Tuning
- Universal View
- Emotional City
- Big Brother?
- Invisibles
- (Open) Air Architecture
- Interactive Future
- Interaction Pioneer
- Open Burble
- Behaving Architecture
- Learning Architecture?
- Responsive Environments

Résumé :
Un livre qui présente différents projets intégrant les nouvelles technologies dans l'architecture ou le design des objets de tous les jours. Cela permet d'imaginer la maison du futur dans lequel nous vivrons : connectée, augmentée, reliée, sensitive, interactive, fragmentée, robotisée, faite par soi-même ; une maison proprement "intelligente".

Abstract :
What impact do new technological developments such as digitalization, the spread of the Internet, the miniaturization of computer processes, wireless technologies, or advances in speech recognition and biometrics have on architecture? Are we going to "arm" our houses with more and more electronic objects from "intelligent" toasters to iPods? Will the integrated technologies remain invisible, as is the case in many of the so-called Smart Houses, or could they also become an architectural design medium? And above all: to what extent can spaces emerge through the integration of new technologies that move us and in the best cases, allow us to feel more "at home"? Can architecture offer an adequate response to the changing needs of a mobile, globally networked society? "Sensing Space" presents projects, experiments, and perspectives on architecture and spaces of the future, including work by Dunne & Raby, G TECTS, Ruairi Glynn, J. Mayer H., Usman Haque, Toyo Ito, Cedric Price, realities:united, Adam Somlai-Fischer et al.

Mot-clés :architecturearchitecture expérimentalearchitecture et informatiquearchitecture intelligenteinteractivitérobot textile intelligentsonfaçade

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