Beyond the street-visual

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1 vol. (399 p.)

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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-3-89955-290-4

Beyond the street

the 100 leading figures in urban art

Nguyen, Patrick (Auteur)

Abstract : The work presented in this book is between its public recognition as art and its equally essential street credibility. This art form was created in the streets, where it still works very well. Modern communications technologies helps the street artists to build a profile, gain recognition and eventually have a modest but rewarding life that bypasses the art market. Galleries, curators and art institutions have started to expose, discuss and sell street art pieces. The book collects a broad section of thoughts and opinions by artists and galleries. It presents a collection of those figures who have changed the direction between high art and street art, outdoor murals and domestic collections.

Mots-clés libres : activism

Mot-clés :street art installationgraffitifresquepochoirthrow-uptagtechnique de la peinturesculpturegalerieculture urbaineespace urbainurbanismeexpositionmosaïque

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