9eme Concept Paints For Planet Reef-visual

Kitchen 93


1 vol. (127 p.)

ill. en couleurs

25 cm

Anglais; Français langue(s) de publication

ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-2-85980-006-2

9eme Concept Paints For Planet Reef

9ème Concept (Auteur)

Abstract : The 9ème Concept is a collective of French artists. This book presents the works of a partnership between the artists and the sportswear mark Planet Reef. The project consisted in creating events and artistic labyrinths. After painting on the walls for the advertising campaign the artist collective began to paint directly on the Reef shoes. What began as a marketing idea resulted in the creation of veritable works.

Mot-clés :modePublic Domaine - Skateboard Culturebasket

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