Women, art, and technology-visual

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Women, art, and technology

Malloy, Judy

Bentson, Pat (Préfacier)

Index p. 531-541

Note de contenu : Introduction : At the Intersection of Art and Technology in a Time of Transformation / Judy Malloyxx Women and the Search for Visual Intelligence / Patric D. Prince The Poetics of Interactivity / Margaret Morse Women, Body, Earth / Sheila Pinke Restructuring Power : Telecommunication Works Produced by Women / Anna Couey Through the Looking Glass / Kathy Brew My Love Affair with Art : Video and Installation Work / Steina Transmission / Joan Jonas The Individual Voice As a Political Voice : Critiquing and Challenging the Authority of Media / Dara Birnbaum Small Leaps to Ascend the Apple Tree / Jo Hanson Shifting Positions Toward the Earth : Art and Environmental Awareness / Helen Mayer Harrison et Newton Harrison Process(ing) Interactive Art : Using People as Paint, Computer as Brush, and Installation Site as Canvas / Sonya Rapoport Touch-Sensitivity and Other Forms of Subversion : Interactive Artwork / Lynn Hershman Bicycle TV : Expo '92 Installation / Nancy Paterson Acoustic and Virtual Space as a Dynamic Element of Music / Pauline Oliveros "I Always Like to Go Where I Am Not Supposed to Be" / Rebecca Allen and Erkki Huhtamo Algorithmic Art, Scientific Visualization, and Teleimmersion : An Evolving Dialog with the Universe / Donna J. Cox My Autobiographical Media History : Metaphors of Interaction, Communication, and Body Using Electronic Media / Agnes Hegedüs Reflections on Some Installation Projects / Judith Barry Do While Studio / Jennifer Hall et Blyth Hazen Tech Work by Heart / Brenda Laurel Imagine a Space Filled with Data... / Monika Fleischmann et Wolfgang Strauss Landscape, Earth, Body, Being, Space, and Time in the Immersive Virtual Environments Osmose and Ephémère / Char Davies Sound Installations and Spatialization / Cécile Le Prado A Tool Is a Tool / Pamela Z Production and Reproduction / Nell Tenhaaf Your Words, My Silent Mouth : Trying to Make Narrative Sense out of Nonnarrative Work (A Brief Collection of Interviews and Polemics in the Interest of Aesthetic Quasi-Clarity) / Allucquère Rosanne Stone Video Arte Povera: Lo-Fi Rules! / Valerie Soe Face Settings : An International Co-Cooking and Communication Project by Eva Wohlgemuth and Kathy Rae Huffman / Kathy Rae Huffman Diane Fenster : The Alchemy of Vision / Diane Fenster et Celia Rabinovitch Pigs, Barrels, and Obstinate Thrummers / Linda Austin et Leslie Ross Fleshmotor / Dawn Stoppiello et Mark Coniglio Embodiment and Narrative Performance / Jaishree K. Odin Brazilian Counterparts : Old Histories and New Designs / Simone Osthoff Technology Has Forgotten Them : Developing-World Women and New Information Technologies / Martha Burkle Bonecchi Crossing the Threshold : Examining the Public Space of the Web Through Day Without Art Web Action / Carol Stakenas Contested Zones : Futurity and Technological Art / Zoë Sofia

Résumé : "Women, Art, and Technology" est le résultat d'un projet initié en 1993 pour encourager les artistes femmes de tous âges à écrire sur leur travail, et ainsi offrir une perspective historique et personnelle sur l'intersection d'art et de la technologie. Ce volume propose des artistes internationaux qui intègrent les concepts et la recherche en mathématiques, en sciences physiques, en biologie, en cinétique, dans les télécommunications et les systèmes numériques et expérimentaux comme l'intelligence artificielle et l'informatique ubiquitaire.

Abstract : "Women, Art, and Technology" is the result of a project originated in 1993 to encourage women artists of all ages to write about their work, and thus provide historical and personal perspective on the ongoing intersection of art and technology. This volume offers a comprehensive survey of international artistes who incorporate concepts and research from mathematics, the physical sciences, biology, kinetics, telecommunications, and experimental digital systems such as artificial intelligence and ubiquitous computing.

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