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Tactical biopolitics-visual

The MIT Press

Collection Leonardo Book


1 vol. (511 p.)

ill. en noir et blanc

24 cm

Anglais langue(s) de publication

ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-0-262-04249-9

Tactical biopolitics

art, activism, and technoscience

Costa, Beatriz da (Auteur); Philip, Kavita (Auteur)

Dumit, Joseph (Préfacier)

Index p. 489-511

Note de contenu :
- Introduction / Beatriz da Costa et Kavita Philip
- Interview with Richard Lewontin / Gwen D'Arcangelis, Beatriz da Costa, et Kavita Philip
- Living the Eleventh Thesis / Richard Levins
- Interview with Richard Levins: On Philosophy of Science / Abha Sur
- Biotech Patronage and the Making of Homo DNA / Jacqueline Stevens
- Soft Science: Artists' Experiments in Documentary Storytelling / Rachel Mayeri
- Observations on an Art of Growing Interest; Toward a Phenomenological Approach to Art Involving Biotechnology / Jens Hauser
- Outfitting the Laboratory of the Symbolic; Toward a Critical Inventory of Bioart / Claire Pentecost
- The Ethics of Experiential Engagement with the Manipulation of Life / Oron Catts et Ionat Zurr Labs Shut
- Open: A Biotech Hands-on Workshop for Artists / Oron Catts et Gary Cass
- Selective Arrests, an Ever-Expanding DNA Forensic Database, and the Specter of an Early Twenty-First-Century Equivalent of Phrenology / Troy Duster
- Discovering Nature, Apparently: Analogy, DNA Imaging, and the Latent Figure Protocol / Paul Vanouse
-The Biopolitics of Human Genetics Research and Its Application / Fatimah Jackson et Sherie McDonald
- In Contradiction Lies the Hope: Human Genome and Identity Politics / Abha Sur et Samir Sur
- Common Knowledge and Political Love / subRosa
- Producing Transnational Knowledge, Neoliberal Identities, and Technoscientific Practice in India / Kavita Philip
- Genes, Genera, and Genres: The NatureCulture of BioFiction in Ruth Ozeki's All Over Creation / Karen Cardozo et Banu Subramaniam
- True Life Science Fiction: Sexual Politics and the Lab Procedural / Gwyneth Jones
- Uncommon Life / Eugene Thacker
- AIDS Activists and People with AIDS: A Movement to Revolutionize Research and for Universal Access to Treatment / Mark Harrington
- The Politics of Rationality: Psychiatric Survivor's Challenge to Psychiatry / E. Gabriella Coleman
- Reaching the Limit: When Art Becomes Science / Beatriz da Costa
- From Bioethics to Human Practices, or Assembling Contemporary Equipment / Paul Rabinow et Gaymon Bennett
- How Do We Insure Security from Perceived Biological Threats? / Jonathan King
- Bioparanoia and the Culture of Control / Critical Art Ensemble
- Chinese Chickens, Ducks, Pigs, and Humans, and the Technoscientific Discourses of Global U.S. Empire / Gwen D'Arcangelis
- Training in the Contact Zone: Power, Play, and Invention in the Sport of Agility / Donna J. Haraway
- Playing with Rats / Kathy High
- Animal Welfare in the Laboratory: A Case Study in Secular Ethics of Human-Animal Interaction / Larry Carbone

Abstract :
After framing the subject in terms of both biology and art, Tactical Biopolitics discusses such topics as race and genetics (with contributions from leading biologists Richard Lewontin and Richard Levins); feminist bioscience; the politics of scientific expertise; bioart and the public sphere (with an essay by artist Claire Pentecost); activism and public health (with an essay by Treatment Action Group co-founder Mark Harrington); biosecurity after 9/11 (with essays by artists' collective Critical Art Ensemble and anthropologist Paul Rabinow); and human-animal interaction (with a framing essay by cultural theorist Donna Haraway).

Mot-clés :biotechnologiebiologiebioéthiquegénétiquegénomeADNlaboratoirebiosécuritéexpérimentation animalegenregender studiesféminismeidentité

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