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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-981-245-874-2


book & promotion

Shaoqiang, Wang (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef)

Takahashi, Yoshimaru (Préfacier)

Résumé : Un livre proposant une sélection de livres étonnants, utilisant des techniques diverses.

Abstract : Long ago, people wrote on narrow strips of wood or bamboo. However, in the 2,000 years since the invention of paper, the basic form of the book has not changed. The introduction of printing, and the subsequent evolution of printing technology, has only affected how information is put on pages. Despite the appearance of other media, including broadcasting, books continue to play the major role in communication. With the booming of publishing and commercial market, design has been an essential element that makes the book and promotional pieces more valuable. Books exist as objects with a particular shape and from. It has a cover, with or without gloss and texture. The pages are made from paper with a particular look and feel. On this, selected typefaces and fonts are arranged in a certain way. As an object, a book's sole purpose is to convey a definite amount of visual information. Books have a mystique and presence that electrons cannot match. Everyone has had, at least once upon a time, a favourite book. For many people, books are personal treasures. Form is a first eye-catching factor of a book/promotion design. With unique materials, unusual forms, interesting foldouts, innovative prints or special bindings, it better reveals the unparalleled aesthetic values in the traditional media. 'Form' collects book and promotion with the most creative ideas and unique forms. It displays the creativities and techniques of book design, emphasising books' collective and artistic value as a traditional media.

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