An Introduction to new media and cybercultures-visual



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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-1-405-18167-9

An Introduction to new media and cybercultures

Nayar, Pramod K. (Auteur)

Résumé : Une introduction aux cybercultures et au bouleversement généré par les nouveaux médias. L'ouvrage rapporte plusieurs études sociologiques sur les usages de l'internet, notamment sur les identités numériques, les nouvelles pratiques liées à la sexualité ou réseaux sociaux.

Abstract : One feature of the book is that Nayar takes the reader through a lot of the trendy slang and jargon that has arisen around the Internet. Of these, perhaps the most loaded is hacking. Much space is devoted to explaining a mystique or maybe more accurately a conceit of what makes a 'good' hacker. We see that participants eshew the trendy meaning of intruder. Instead they much prefer the sense of someone smart who mostly harmlessly peers into every nook on the net. Cyberpunk also gets extensive play. It was first conceived by the science fiction author William Gibson in his 1984 book Neuromancer and readily adopted. Think computer programmers with an attitude! One chapter looks at variants of these, eliding into cyberterrorism, where a talented hacker might sell his destructive abilities to a bidder, or act out of his own beliefs. The book does a survey of many sociological studies of the Internet, where these studies were often done on the most important subset, the Web. We read of several conclusions as to whether the net truly gives rise to new public and private spaces, and of the possibility of a person constructing new identities or personas. Moving beyond the individual, there is a discussion about the nature of communities that exist solely on the net, and how real or persistent they can be.

Mot-clés :Web 2.0internetvie privée et internetsociologie des médiascyberculturecyberspaceidentitéidentité numériquemonde virtuelgenre

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