A field guide to the Snowden files-visual



1 vol. (166 p.)

ill. en noir et en couleurs

30 cm

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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-3-981792-51-5

A field guide to the Snowden files

media, art, archives 2013-2017

Taube, Magdalena (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef)

Woznicki, Krystian (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef)

Note de contenu :
Contributeurs : Zeljko Blace, Andrew Clement, Colnate Group, Naomi Colvin, Simon Denny, Corinna Haas, Christoph Hochhäusler, Evan Light, Geert Lovink, M.C. McGrath, Henrik Moltke, Deborah Natsios, Julian Oliver, Trevor Paglen, Laura Poitras, Norman Posselt, SAZAE bot, Stefan Tiron, University of the Phoenix, Andi Weiland, Maria Xynou and John Young

I. Media
- Journalism, Historical Data Leaks and Piblic Interest
- The Cloud, the Blacl Box and Other Network Oddities
II. Art
- Power, Cultures of Secrecy and the Art of Memory
- NSA-Tapped Fibe Optic Cable Landing Site, Mastic Beach, NYC
- The Dark Side of Earth
- Secret Power
- undressing for XKeyscore - norms/forms to fit in/out
- Snowden Archive-in-a-Box
- Biometric biomass Spillover
- Anarchist Image Index
- The Snowden Templates
III. Archives
- How Cicil Society Actors are Archiving the Snowden Files
- "Conditions are different than in 1971 when the Pentagon Papers became public"
- "Our archiving will hopefully lead to direct social and political action"
- "We allow the documents to speak for themselves"

Abstract :
The book looks at the various civil society actors who have been appropriating the historic leak and orders their responses according to contexts in which the Snowden documents have been published: media, art and archives. The different approaches share the common goal of rendering the documents accessible to both present and future audiences. Reaching out to the general public, they have also tasked themselves with reflecting on the complex political, social and technological realities that the Snowden documents have helped to uncover.

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