Artists re:thinking the blockchain-visual

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1 vol. (340 p.)

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14 x 23 cm

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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 978-0-993248-74-0

Artists re:thinking the blockchain

Catlow, Ruth (Auteur)

Garett, Marc (Auteur); Jones, Nathan (Auteur); Skinner, Sam (Auteur)

Index Bibliographie (p. 327-334)

Note de contenu :
- FinBook: literary content as digital commodity, The Design Informatics Research Centre. The Design Informatic Research Center
- Plantoid - the birth of a blockchain-based lifeform. Primavera De Filippi
- Terra0 - can an augmented forest own and utilize itself. Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling & Max Hampshire
- Critical mining: blockchain and bitcoin in contemporary art. Martin Nadal & César Escudero Andaluz
- The blockchain: change everything forever. Peter Gomes
- Breaking chains and busting blocks: commentary on the satoshi (hippocratic) oath for blockchain developers. Jaya Klara Brekke & Elias Haase
- 01.01.20. Kimberley ter Heerdt & Nikki Loef
- Role play you way to budgetary blockchain bliss. Pablo Velasco
- You DAO work booklet. Ruth Catlow & Ben Vickers
- A shared timeline. PWR Studio
- Text as market. Ami Clarke
- Blockchain future states - an interview with Simon Denny. Sam Skinner
- Flying under a neutral flag. Cecilia Wee
- History of political operatinf systems: interview with Dr. L. Godord.Elli Kurus
- All that happened. Surfatial
- Bad shibe. Rob Myers & Lina Theodorou
- Defixio Nervorum. Theodoros Chiotis
- Do it (hand-to-hand) yourself // surfing guide. Juhee Hahm
- Babel. Edwart Picot
- If you don't have bread, eat art!:contemporary art and derivative fascisms. Hito Steryerl
- Immuability mantra. Ben Vickers
- Blockchain poetics. Rob Myers
- Love on the block. Max Dovey
- Collections management on the blockchain: return to the principles of the museum. Helen Kaplinsky
- Artists rights in the era of the distributed ledger. Mark Waugh
- Everything you've always wanted to know about the blockchain* (*but were afraid to ask mel ramsden). Martin Zeilinger
- Does digital culture want to be free? How blockchains are transforming the economy of cultural goods. Rachel O'Dwyer
- Aphantasia - blockchain as medium for art. Bjorn Magnhildoen Noemata
- Interview with Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst. Marc Garrett

Résumé :
Un artefact du futur avant que la blockchain ne révolutionne le monde. Ce livre interdisciplinaire comprend des engagements artistiques, théoriques et documentaires avec la technologie que certains ont décrite comme le nouvel Internet. (4ème de couverture)

Abstract : A future-artefact of a time before the blockchain changed the world. This interdisciplinary book inlcudes artistic, theoretical and documentary engagements with the technology some have described as the new internet.

Mot-clés :art contemporainpropriété intellectuelleéconomie collaborativeéconomie numériqueinternet

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