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ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 0019-1299


international graphic art and typography

Muroga, Kiyonori (Directeur de publication, rédacteur en chef)

3692015.4A History of Graphic Design in Japan 1990-2014
3682015.1A Chronicle of Alternative Spirits in Japan 1970-1994
3672014.11An Alternative History of Poetry in Japan 1945-1969
3652014.7From the 80s to the 80s
3642014.5KIYOHARA etsushi, KITASONO katué
3632014.3Design of Makoto Orui: Tendencies and Measures, Editorial Design of Yuzuru Agi
3622014.1Contemporary Designers in France
3612013.11Design of Amachan / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Graphics / Period of Idol Identity / Letters and Design of Junichi Someya
3602013.9Found Print in the Library of Shinro Ohtake
3592013.7Specialized Lectures on Design
3582013.5And the work on books continues...
3572013.3Architecture in Print
3562013.1Lettering mannerism
3552012.11Signs of Katsumi Asaba
3542012.9An alternative history of publishing in Japan 1923-1945
3492011.11Yukimasa Matsuda
3482011.9Design of Manga, Anime & Light Novel
3472011.7Garden of Bunpei Yorifuji
3462011.5Harata HeiQuiti
3452011.3Kouga Hirano